Upper Airway Stimulation Programmer

Redesign of an application for setup and monitoring of an implanted therapeutic device for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Inspire Medical Systems, Golden Valley, MN

Independent consultant working remotely with the project manager and developer. Responsible for both the interaction and visual design direction and assets for the user interface.

The focus of the project wasto provide user interface design and direction to the team developing an implantable therapeutic device, used for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The work has focused on two releases of the physician programmer—a dedicated tablet PC—which is used to monitor the therapy and make adjustments to the implanted device. Being a new therapy, the physician is required to learn new concepts and controls in order to safely care for the patient. The primary design focus is to make the software easier to use and support the development team, within a limited budget.

For the first release, an Expert UI Review was done of the existing application. Findings and recommendations were documented and presented to illustrate the current issues and potential fixes.

Pages from UI Review deliverable

For the initial round of concept testing, direction and training was provided on how to plan and test a user interface. Collaborating with the client, a script and test plan was developed to evaluating the software with end users. Testing was done by the client team.

Information architecture map of software

Based on the test findings and feedback from the first software release, the user interface is in the process of being refined and final documentation being developed for FDA approval and development.

Through a close collaboration with the project manager, the user interface design has been modified into a simpler user interface through clarifying terminology, simplifying user interface elements, and creating a consistent look and feel throughout the software.

Final hardware and software
Patient summary screen
Threshold settings screen
Report screen

The Programmer is still in use and I have participated in several updates throughout the years. See Programmer demos on the Inspire Medical Systems website.