Microsoft HealthVault

Transforming a cloud based technology platform into a service that gives people control of their health information.

Developing consistent user experiences across platforms

Microsoft, Redmond, WA

Senior UX Designer, and only designer on the HealthVault team. My focus was to define and manage the HealthVault UX strategy, and provide oversight of the product experience across all platforms and touchpoints. This included the definition of the service, information architecture, interaction design, visual design, user research, branding, and marketing. I collaborated closely with project management and developers on every aspect of the product development.

Microsoft HealthVault was a free cloud based service that lets people store health information from many sources, access a range of health and fitness apps, upload data from health and fitness devices, and share health information with those they trust.

HealthVault began as a technology platform for developers, to build health apps for consumers. Over time, it became clear that users wanted a centralized place to look at all their health data that was collected from various apps and devices. The team focused on improving the user experience of viewing data from connected apps and devices and sharing their data across multiple HealthVault platforms.

Original marketing website and online portal

I joined HealthVault as the only designer on the team. My focus was to update the HealthVault brand and create a consistent user experience across all existing and new platforms.

The team had poor experiences with designers and researchers in the past. My first objective was to build a better relationship with all parts of the team, and show the value of design and research in each aspect of product development. I collaborated closely with project management and development team members to redesign the existing user experience, develop new features, and develop a new cross platform app.

In addition to the monthly releases and app development, I focused on improving the overall user experience through audits, user research, definition of UX principles, updating the brand and product identities to align with other Microsoft consumer products, and restructuring the user interface to support personalization and improved analysis of the data.

Key projects included:

Redesign of the marketing website, including updating the HealthVault logo and aligning with the Microsoft brand identity.

Icon development for types of activities and data

Design and implementation of the Windows 8 app

Planning and participating in user research for product development

Wireframes for mobile and web applications

Prototyping for mobile and web applications

Design of a cross platform app for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone

Redesign of the HealthVault web and mobile web sites, to improve data entry and analysis

With each release the HealthVault was able to provide users more options to enter, track, and manage a broad range of health information. Industry reviews and user feedback were improving and focused on wanting more features and functionality.

Microsoft HealthVault PC Magazine Review, December 19, 2014

The Microsoft HealthVault applications and services were shut down in 2019.