Karaoke User Experience

Development of a new cross platform karaoke service for a digital jukebox.

Touchtunes Interactive Networks, Montreal, Quebec

Independent consultant working remotely with teams in three cities. Responsible for the information architecture and interaction design for each product platform.

The development of new Karaoke service that included a multi-screen karaoke experience; a mobile app for users to find events, pick songs, and rate performances; and a remote control and website used to manage the events.

The team began with the design of the Karaoke user experience on the touch screen digital jukebox. The focus was to create a simple interface for picking and managing song play lists, and create a before, during, and after performance experiences that are fun and engaging for the performer and the audience. Since several of the team members worked remotely, detail wireframes and screen flows where created to facilitate discussions, decision-making, and user testing. As the design was finalized the detail wireframes were replaced with the final visual design and additional details for the specifications.

Early wireframes with the multiple touchpoints
Wireframes exploring the remote and screen interactions
Karaoke screen behavior and touchpoint specifications
Karaoke game screen specification

An entertainment Karaoke service that allowed users to plan, perform, play games, and manage songs and events across multiple platforms.

Jukebox Splash screen for the Karaoke service
Karaoke Home
Song selection – By Songbooks
Song selection – By Artist
Song selection details
Karaoke games menu
Karaoke game
Game result