Intellivue Clinical Information Portfolio

Streamlining clinical workflows and data management to improve clinical charting and patient care.

Philips Medical Systems, Philips Design, Andover MA

User Interface Designer, working closely with the Chief Architect and product development team, participating in three major product releases. Managed additional designers that were added to the design team as needed.

Intellivue Clinical Information Portfolio (ICIP) is a information system used by clinicians to chart and manage patient care in intensive care, operating rooms, and obstetrics units. The primary objective for each release was to expand the product to support the continuity of specialty patient care in the hospital.

Existing ICIP application

The focus was to provide user interface design and user research consulting on multiple product releases for ICIP. Releases focused on integrating Order Management, Anesthesia, and OB/GYN features and workflow into product portfolio.

The overall design challenge was to build a efficient user interface for unique medical specialties while leveraging as much of the existing software framework and controls, as well as to define a Philips Medical System software product identity.

Each new release would start with an analysis of the requirements, interviews with clinical specialists, and hospital visits. These activities would help the team define and prioritize the requirements, generate user insights, and explore possible solutions.

User research to understand clinical workflow for each release
Information and user workflow analysis from user research

Concept testing was done either in hospitals or online. The team worked with users—physicians, nurses and administrators—in the US, Europe, and Australia to evaluate and validate the concepts. After each session the screens would be updated, and then tested again until the solution was accepted by users.

Final screens and functional specifications were created for each feature. Specifications were finalized during design reviews with developers and clinical specialists. Throughout implementation, the user interface was reviewed with the definition team and tested with users. Design modifications were made as needed.

Updated color palette and icons
Screen specifications

A software platform and user interface that could support the unique workflows of three medical specialties—Intensive Care, OB/GYN, and Anesthesia—yet create consistency across the different functional areas.

Through multiple rounds of user testing the team was able to make the product simpler and faster to use, by reducing unnecessary steps and adding automation, and more engaging and useful by providing decision making tools through data visualization and calculations. The visual identity was modified to align with the Philips Medical System product identity. A visual design system icons and metaphors created to use for future releases.

Anesthesia in the operating room charting screen
Anesthesia charting screen post procedure
Intensive care medication screen
Intensive care worklist screen