Citrix Online
Web Redesign

Independent consultant, working remotely with the marketing and development teams on refining the information architecture, and led the user testing activities.


Citrix Online Marketing team, Santa Barbara

Develop a website that leverages the strong product brands to elevate the master brand.

The existing Citrix Online website was doing a poor job of helping users learn and distinguish between the growing list of products, and expressing the brand and strengths of the company. The primary focus of the Citrix Online Web Redesign project was to better integrate the Citrix Online brand into the existing customer experience, and harmonize with the product sites.

The initial design direction for the site had been defined for a couple screens. Working with the team, we developed wireframes and then visual designs of each key screen in the site. Once the design direction for the site was finalized, we developed an interactive prototype for internal stakeholders and end customer concept testing. A test plan and script were defined with the project team, for a series of internal stakeholder interviews and end customer interviews. The objective of the testing was insure that the new site design was usable, information easy to find and understand, and created the desired brand experience.

Based on the user research results, the design, content, and functionality was finalized. A style guide was created to describe the primary design elements, screen templates, components, and functionality for the first and future releases. During agile development, several reviews were done to refine the screen design and QA implementation.