First Union
Web Redesign

Senior Information Architect, working with a multidisciplinary team. Lead the Information Architecture team. Responsible for the design of the site architecture, screen organization and interaction.


Studio Archetype/Sapient, New York

Website redesign that resulted in a design system and development kit.

A complete redesign of the First Union retail banking Web site. The project objectives were to create a consistent user experience across all product types, and to establish a foundation for future personalization and online banking.

The team started by interviewing target audiences to better understand their behavior with regard to finances and life events. Paper prototypes of the organization and the interaction of the site were created and iterated through a series of participatory design sessions with target users. These prototypes became the foundation for the design of the site architecture, navigation and screen layouts. The final site interface and interaction were created in collaboration with graphic design, content strategy and site development teams.

A Web site where retail banking customers have access to First Union's products and services, and financial guides. The site architecture can scale to support future implementation of online banking and investing functionality. The site used a modular design system made up of templates and components to simplify the site's implementation, and its maintenance and evolution. Detailed specifications allowed implementation by an external company.