Golden Retirement Resources

Information Architect; team lead for the design team. Key tasks included team leadership and process direction, designed and implemented the organizational model, navigation system and screen architecture.

Web application for the sales and management of a new insurance product.

RetireMENTOR is a fully integrated web-based system that enables retirees to manage their retirement income from initial planning through payment generation, investment monitoring, benefit claims, plan adjustments, and customer service. The product would be licensed to various insurance companies and co-branded. The primary challenge was to create simple and efficient user interfaces for a very complex insurance product, for both customer service and customers.

The team was a mix of engineers, project manager, writer, designer, and subject matter experts. The global user interface team focused on integrating all the front end design being done across the tracks. An organizational model was created to communicate the overall organization of the application, a navigation system to define the types of screen interaction and a screen map to define the size and depth of the web application. The wireframes were the key communication and development tool between the different teams. Simple navigation prototypes were used to test the organization and interaction with marketing and customer service representatives.

Specifications that defined the screen content, organization, interaction and visual design elements. The specifications also included areas for the developers to define the business and detail functional specifications. The interface was designed as a system of templates and modules that would simplify the implementation of the application.