Microsoft Health Dashboard

Senior UX Designer and UX lead for the Dashboard. My focus was on product definition, visual design, and interaction design for the Microsoft Health Dashboard. I was part of a larger design focused on the definition and design of all product platforms, and worked closely with the PMs, designers, and developers.


Microsoft Health, Redmond, WA

Developing a new dashboard platform for a fitness and activity tracking device and service.

I worked closely with design and development teams under a very tight schedule to release a simple, high quality website.

I joined this six week project shortly after it began. Initially, the team was focused on creating weekly and monthly views of all the data. I developed an information architecture for the site, and created it’s visual design. I also developed the dashboard UI, and designed several additional data views including “observations”-- auto-generated insights on data captured by the Microsoft Band. I then worked with the PM and developer team to refine the design work through rapid prototyping and iteration.

Public release of a new online service that allows users to view and gain insights from the Microsoft band