Kasparov vs. Deep Blue

Information Architect, working with 
a multidisciplinary team. I focused
 primarily on the site architecture and 
navigation, as well as on content
 production during the live Web


Studio Archetype/Sapient, New York

Design and support for one of the first web broadcast event

Build a Web site that would promote and broadcast the Kasparov vs. Deep Blue chess match, support a community of chess enthusiasts, and archive the event. Viewing the match was possible only online; therefore the site had to convey clearly the live, real time quality of the event.

The project began by defining the purpose of the Web site and the content types to be used. A content map, produced to facilitate initial discussions, became the basis of the site architecture. This architecture map was used to design and produce the site, and to clarify communication among the various teams. Screen details identified content types, navigation and page templates. During the five-day event, team members worked in shifts to create timely content—news, moves, interviews—regularly published to the Web.

A Web site that supported both static and dynamic content, with simple interaction, to support novice and expert Web users. The flexible site architecture could change state—high or low bandwidth—based on server activity, and home pages could be rotated based on the stage of the event—pre-event, live, archived.

Communications Arts
Interactive Annual 4: Entertainment
1998 Winners

Featured in:
Mapping Web Sites
by Paul Kahn and Krzysztof Lenk
Rotovision 2001